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ABJ 1st Assessment

May 5, 2011

Since I was acting as Technical Producer for the Radio Broadcast, my job didn’t begin until all the stories were in.  I knew that whilst the field reporters were going through the hard slog I had it easy, but I also knew that once the stories were in it would mean my stress levels would be going into overdrive.  The reason for this is a program called NewsBoss.

Taken from the NewsBoss website:

“NewsBoss is a capable, easy to use newsroom automation system designed especially for radio news production and presentation.  It’s a complete solution for any radio newsroom, with all the features you need to produce great sounding news.

Designed For Radio from the ground up, NewsBoss offers a superior workflow model.  The collaborative nature of NewsBoss enables simultaneous instant access to all news updates and scripts by every member of the news team, ensuring swift and accurate news delivery during breaking news events.

Flexibility enables NewsBoss to fit your newsroom operation, not the other way around. NewsBoss can be adapted to fit the needs of commercial, national, public and community broadcasters. Work the way you want with NewsBoss to produce quality news every time.”

Now NewsBoss is a pretty simple program to use, but having only met with it once before, I was going in pretty green.  I went into the Labs early on a morning to give myself plenty of time to get used to Newsboss and it took me until 3pm before I actually started getting things to work for me.  Like so much software, there are some finicky things in Newsboss that require the method of “If I do this…this happens.  So if I do this….”

So after spending about 5 hours (embarrassing) I had it down and went about arranging the stories in order, attaching scripts for the presenters attaching the audio files for the stories and inserting the music tracks.

NewsBoss is what most of the main radio news broadcasters use and so its a good feeling to know that I have a firm grasp on what it takes to use this program.  I think it will still take many more moons before I really know the program inside out, but for now I’m happy.

So I’d finally finished, dreams of Hoegaarden beers and maybe a few CC and dry’s as dessert entered my mind, then came word from the Executive Producer that the scripts would have to be edited.  Queue stress levels to climb a notch higher.  I pored through the entire script, amending as I went and finished that night.  As there was still another story waiting to come in, I knew it was going to be an early morning the next day, as the live broadcast was at 10:30am.

Next morning came, the last story came in, uploaded it into NewsBoss and away we went for the live broadcast.  As we were about to go to air, we were notified that there were to be some adverts for some competitions being run at Uni.  As we had our program down to a perfect 30 minutes, this threw a spanner in the works.  For the next five minutes, the Executive Producer and I frantically worked out how were going to cut 2 minutes out of the program to fit in the adverts.  In the end we had to find a clean out point in the middle of a story and shorten the live interview.

So off we went.  I won’t go into details about the show as it will be much better to just listen to how it went and when the broadcast is available, I will upload it here, so stay tuned.


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