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Multimedia Slideshow Interviews and Audio

May 3, 2011

The team has completed the picture and sound taking portion of the assignment.  It went really well with a few lessons learned.

We hired M-Audio sound recorders for recording atmosphere and interviews with people.  “The M-Audio MicroTrack II is one of those devices I wish I’d had ten years ago — it’s portable, lightweight, runs on a great-capacity internal battery, and records in great quality, up to 24-bit, 96-kHz. There’s a few issues that I wish would be addressed in a future model, but compared to the original MicroTrack, the MicroTrack II is a great recorder for both working musicians wanting a quick way to record their material, or an audio pro needing a recorder.”  It was incredibly easy to use the recorder, and this helped make the whole process a whole lot easier for everyone.  We got a lot of great sound bites to use and it opens up a whole range of possibilities for our project.

Interviewing Stasia was an interesting process.  She was very welcoming, however, after answering one question it was almost as if she became a bit shy and would ask me to stop recording.  At first I was very confused, as she has been interviewed before, but I quickly realised that her behaviour was that of someone who was embarrassed by the attention she gets for doing work that comes naturally too her.  Stasia does charity work because it is who she is, and she believes that the amazing work she does isn’t anything special, as it is second nature to her.

I ended up giving Amy the M Audio, as Amy and Stasia have known each other for some time, and the result was immediate, with Stasia relaxing around Amy and opening up a lot.  Between serving up generous servings of soup (which was the most amazing soup I have ever tasted), she took quite alot of time to answer questions about her life, how she got into charity work, why she got into work, and what keeps her motivated.

I have been attempting to upload the audio, so once I have figured it out I will show an example.


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