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Multimedia Slideshow: Stasia

April 30, 2011

I have been speaking for some time about my Online News Project and we decided that we were going to base our project on Stasia Dabrowski.

Stasia Dabrowski was born in the southern mountains of Poland in 1926. During the occupation of Poland in WWII her family’s lives were devastated — she lost everything and was driven into forced labour. After WWII she worked as a nurse and matron before moving to Australia with her husband and young family.

As her qualifications were not recognised in Australia she did voluntary house cleaning and emergency services for the Red Cross, looking after the bedridden and needy. She started cooking and providing essentials for the needy in the late 1970s, the start of the Soup Kitchen.

Stasia is an 85 year old woman who for the last 30 years has run a soup kitchen in Civic, ACT, providing hot soup, bread, drinks, clothes and blankets to the homeless and needy of Canberra.   For nine years she raised the funds herself to purchase ingredients for the soup kitchen.  Nowadays, local businesses provide their excess stock for Stasia to use, but she still gets up early each Thursday and Friday morning to purchase the ingredients, then heads home to spend all morning preparing the soup.  Then in the afternoon she heads into Civic to serve the soup to the needy.

We hope to show people the work she is doing and we think this will be most effective by using a multimedia slide show that consists of using photo slides and a musical backing.


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  1. Amazing story. Truely inspiring!

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