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The funniest impostor of all?

March 1, 2011

If the recently elected Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel’s, Twitter impostor had actually run in the Chicago election last Tuesday, judging by the amount of twitter followers they had, they would have tallied at least 38,000 votes.  This may have had quite the impact on Mayor Emanuel eventually winning the election.  However, this act raises the question, that whilst this was an impressive achievement, where has all the soul of identity fraud gone?  With the technology age, general acts of identity fraud have become the actions of people sitting behind a cold, lifeless computer screen…on the other side of the planet…in their parents’ basement.  Here is a look at the good old days. The days where stealing the identity of someone took effort and guile, with the knowledge that if you were discovered, it could mean losing your head.   The days when Identity Fraud could be seen as a somewhat…romantic act.   Here are the Top 10 Great Historical Impostors


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One Comment
  1. CMB12 permalink

    If only Australian election campaigns attracted this much attention. Scary to think how easy it is for someone to steal your life story!

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